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Beulah First Baptist Church

~ Rev. S. L. Thigpen, Pastor ~~"We Come Together To Give Praise To our Lord and Savior"
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The Mission Statement of the ministry should tell in 3 to 5 sentences why the ministry was established and who will be served by the ministry.

If you have a mission statement, place it here.
This page should include information such as company history; certifications, licenses, insurance, and bonding; awards; the professional experience of the founders or key employees; and other important details not included on other pages. You may want to include a picture of yourself or your staff.


The goals of the ministry should be at least three that you intend to accomplish. Make sure that your goals tell how you plan to support the overall goals of the church.

Statement of Faith
What do your customers have to say? Consider using some space to tell the story of the business through your customers' voices. Their word is more powerful than anything you can say for yourself.